Merry Christmas from Kepstorn

Whilst it may appear, this year, that good cheer and the Christmas spirit are hard to find (or completely absent), every year presents its own particular challenges to the desire for a peaceful holiday. It may be thought to be myopic or blinkered to seek out the positives in the world today, but how else […]

Kepstorn is Sixteen

Another year older, another year wiser (or, at least, twelve months more experience of life) and what has changed? It would appear, nothing for the better. Looking back over the past few years’ anniversary reports, we have had global pandemics, the growing environmental crisis, war in Europe, economic upheaval and now slaughter and carnage in […]

Merry Christmas from Kepstorn

Did I really start last year’s message with: “Dare I suggest that, this year, I can be reasonably confident that next year will be better than its predecessor?”? Yes, I have to admit that I did, and I have, rather regularly, thought about what lead me to utter such a hostage to fortune! After a […]

Kepstorn is Fifteen

A little late, unfortunately, due to an IT migration (a First World problem, when we see the huge migrations of humanity underway at the moment). Yes, 27th October marked the fifteenth anniversary of the founding of Kepstorn – just as a run started on the Northern Rock (remember them?) and a few months before the […]

Section 213 claims, re-visited

I wanted to draw your attention to a very helpful re-statement (as it turns out) of the law on fraudulent trading (section 213 of the Insolvency Act, 1986) by the High Court in England, handed down on 31st March. The case revolved around the voluminous and very long-running litigation following the liquidation of Bilta (UK) […]

Climbing a mountain to dig a well!

You may have noticed that I didn’t include a link to my usual charity partner in my “Merry Christmas” post. That was because, this year, I had chosen a separate charity, Dig Deep. The reason for doing so was personal – my daughter is climbing Kilimanjaro in August this year to raise funds for this […]

Another Merry Christmas from Kepstorn

Dare I suggest that, this year, I can be reasonably confident that next year will be better than its predecessor? I know that we are facing yet another variant of Covid, which is causing great angst, but it does seem that, as suggested over a year ago, mutations become more transmissible but less deadly, due […]

Assignation of Debt

Whilst taking a well-earned (in my humble opinion) break, abroad (yes, travel necessitating a passport!), I had the opportunity to read the decisions in five conjoined cases handed down by the Court of Appeal in England on 18th November. Four involved Promontoria entities (the name that Cerberus uses for its distressed debt acquisitions) and one […]

The interplay of insolvency and POCA claims

I wanted to draw to your attention a very interesting (and, some would say, surprising) decision from the Supreme Court on Wednesday (3rd November). In the case of Crown Prosecution Service -v- Aquila Advisory Ltd, the Supreme Court decided that a company’s claim against its former directors for breach of their fiduciary duty took precedence […]

Kepstorn is fourteen!

It was 27th October, 2007 that Kepstorn started in business. I have spent longer at Kepstorn than at either of my earlier firms and it is amazing how fresh and new it still feels. Yes, there are daily (weekly, monthly, etc.) challenges, but that is part of being in a professional services firm. To have […]