Kepstorn Solicitors

KEPSTORN Solicitors principally deals with corporate clients. They are often referred to us by intermediaries (such as accountants, other solicitors, corporate finance brokers, banks, etc.) for specific advice but equally they are referred by our existing clients. We do not advertise for business and we ensure that the work to be undertaken is both within our area of expertise and that there is sufficient resource to deliver the project on time and to the standard that we set ourselves.

We act for all sizes of client, from listed companies to small owner-managed business. Whilst the scale of the issues and the breadth of the advice needed will differ, the same basic requirements apply: that the business is assisted by the legal adviser rather than being hindered; that the advice is given in the context of the requirements of the client’s business; and that the advice is capable of being understood and implemented by those that it affects.

From mergers and acquisitions to insolvency, clients have the right to expect a dedicated professional to understand their requirements, to explain the ramifications of the task and where these affect the client’s goals and to build a relationship with the client that allows open communication between them, ensuring that more than just the simple instructions and the bare advice pass between them.

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