Kepstorn Consulting

KEPSTORN Consulting provides advice and assistance to commercial clients on a wide variety of issues that relate to their business structures and commercial relationships.

We can advise upon the management structures and reporting lines that are relevant for a business as well as upon the areas of corporate governance that affect the client. Even small businesses wish to adopt best practice, without the necessity of doing so. Larger businesses find that corporate governance procedures actually assist in the smooth operation of their business. Obviously, large or listed businesses, with substantial outside investment, require structures and procedures for regulatory and compliance reasons. We have experience in advising upon and drafting the internal and external procedures and protocols of even the biggest client and have advised private equity and venture capital funds on their own internal requirements as well as what to put in place for their investments.

An external presence on the board can often provide perspective to smaller businesses that are focused on internal issues. We provide both non-executive directors as well as general counsel to businesses. These appointments can be for specific periods or tasks, or an open-ended presence, but reviewed regularly for effectiveness and focus.

A specific area of expertise, associated with the general counsel role, is that of project management. If a business is embarking upon a specific task (whether an acquisition, de-merger or the implementation of a strategy), a project manager can often assist in avoiding the management losing focus on running the business itself. We have been involved in organising the effective delivery of a variety of tasks of all types and scale.

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