Kepstorn Advisory

KEPSTORN Advisory is a resource that comes from a wealth of experience in distressed situations. Whilst planning is often the key to successful projects, crises can often arise in an instant. To meet this threat, we provide accessible and focused advice as a situation unfolds. We can react immediately to any change in circumstance and this helps to keep the client in control of the situation.

Early stage problems can result from cash flow pressures, prolonged contract renewal negotiations or key contracts being put out to tender. Recognising the threat to a business at an early stage can often help to avoid or mitigate the harm caused.

More dramatic issues can arise from supplier or customer failure, disputes with key partners, key employee departures, a new competitor entering the market or vertical integration by a customer or supplier. By being able to react immediately, a business can often regain the initiative or, at the least ensure that it has a strategy to deal with the situation.

Businesses can often find themselves in need of crisis management advice in an emergency and we provide a readily available source of immediate guidance as well as a more structured service. With links to asset based lenders, private equity and venture capital, we can advise on everything from a re-financing to a re-structuring. In conjunction with KEPSTORN Consulting, we can also manage a turnaround situation for the stakeholders of a business.

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