... and then there were three!

For those old enough to remember (and willing to admit it!), this was the album that marked the start of the commercial success of Genesis.

For Kepstorn, commercial success was present from the outset, but we have now added another Consultant in the City of London – Anthony Gordon, making it three of us. Anthony will add to the main market and AIM expertise of Donald Stewart and, like Donald, Anthony joins from a number of years spent as in-house counsel and retains a directorship of a listed company. Breaking with tradition, however, Anthony is an English and not a Scottish solicitor – but we won’t hold that against him!

Anthony’s approach is the same as that of both Donald and me – providing our expertise to clients who we work with closely, understand fully and who trust us to join them on their path to growth and prosperity. From small acorns, etc., is very much the mantra of Kepstorn, but some of those acorns do now need the expertise of Donald and Anthony and some listed company clients see themselves as acorns in their own sectors, looking for an experienced team to help them grow and thrive in the next stage of their development.

By offering our experience on an “out sourced, in house” counsel basis, we bring a breadth of experience that is often not found in in-house teams whilst still retaining the “commercial” perspective of in-house counsel. We very much see it as our role to assist our clients rather than putting up hurdles. As the “project manager” of a legal issue, we are well placed to determine the issues, analyse the commercial imperatives of our client and advise on the best course of action. We can then implement the agreed project.

Anthony’s contact details are now on the website and so feel free to get in touch if there is anything that you think that he can help with.

It is a sign of the times that the expansion of the Corporate Finance offering of Kepstorn is in the City of London, rather than in Scotland. The globalisation of financial markets means the coalescing of expertise in large financial centres and it is unfortunate that the banking collapse saw the end of what might have been an embryonic international financial centre in Edinburgh. We are working with Scottish companies at the moment, but the pre-listing work is, in large part, being carried out in London and this is likely to remain the case for some time. The global rout in the oil price is also doing Scotland no good at the moment and so we are probably going to have to wait some time before we see an upturn in Scottish-based advisory work.

That said, the markets do seem to be weathering both the slow-down in China and the oil and commodities crisis and so, hopefully, we will see a steady path to growth in the world economy, which will help us all to a more prosperous future.

As ever, I would be delighted to hear from you if you have any issues that you want to discuss and I look forward to catching up in the near future.


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