Kepstorn - 11th anniversary

A bit later this year (things have been quite hectic, as I will explain) but here we are, eleven years into the “new” business at the end of October and I think that I can probably stop calling it “new”!

I had actually forgotten about the fact that 27th October, 2007 marked the start of Kepstorn. It was only when I was returning from the 6am gathering of the School’s pipes and drums at the Village war memorial on Sunday to mark the centenary of the signing of the Armistice and was reflecting on the 100 years that had passed that I realised that I had missed my own, small anniversary.

Sunday was, for me, a hugely moving occasion. As I have said a number of times since I set up Kepstorn, whatever problems we face as individuals, there are always, inevitably, people who face greater and more trying challenges. The same goes for anniversaries. I like to count off the years that the business has been running and do a “reality” check (that is, pinch myself) at every passing year. Sunday, however, was nothing short of epochal. We will never again commemorate the Armistice in the same way in our lifetimes – 100 years was such a significant milestone. Additionally, the world today gives very good reason for pausing for thought and concern. The act of Remembrance is a commitment to the future, as well as the past but, as Churchill said, those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.

We should all carry a little bit of the “Poppy Spirit” with us from mid-November each year, when we remove the symbol of Remembrance, until the October of the next, when we pin it back on. Remembering that there were and always will be others sacrificing something, in some way, for us will help to give our own endeavours for others meaning and context.

Anyway, as I said, things have been hectic with Kepstorn and business continues to boom. I won’t bore on about the macro (or micro) economic issues affecting us, it is what it is. I simply wanted to let you know that we are still going strong (from strength to strength, actually), that the delay in this year’s anniversary post was not due to anything other than oversight and that, as always, I am so very grateful for all the support and good wishes over the last eleven years.

As always, I hope that your future is looking at least as bright as it was last year, I hope that your optimism remains undimmed and I hope that your efforts in the coming year continue to benefit not only you but those around you.


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