Merry Christmas

I know what you’re thinking: “oh, no, not another ramble from Calum”. Well, no, it isn’t (in my ever-so-humble opinion).

Principally, as ever, I wanted to bring to your attention the wonderful work done by St Vincent’s Hospice and to encourage you, if you haven’t yet exhausted your charitable donations for the year (or if you want to manage your tax liability for 2017/18!) to bear them in mind at this time of year. As before, the costs of cards, postage and a bit more, besides, has gone to this wonderful group of people working in what can be both a harrowing and yet rewarding area. To make things even easier, their Just Giving page can be found by simply clicking the following link:

Job done, you might think; surely there is no need to rabbit on any further? True, but only up to a point. It wouldn’t be a Christmas greeting (from me) without some homily on the state of the nation, etc. This year, I shall be brief (really).

Business for Kepstorn has been brisk and business in and outside of London, contrary to many opinions expressed over the past year, has been very active. As the UK and the EU seem, at last, to have reached the stage where they can discuss the future, rather than the past, things will hopefully continue to improve.

That said, it is still tough going. The record low interest rates have perpetuated the risk-averse approach to investing and this seems to mean that the appetite for any risk whatsoever has yet to return. As a result, there is a wall of funding chasing “dead certs” – hardly the way to develop an entrepreneurial culture! Once the monetary policy starts to tighten, we should see the return of a more sensible attitude and then, hopefully, we will also see the return of a more properly functioning debt and equity market - time will tell.

I hope, despite the “interesting times” in which we currently live and upon which we are about to embark, that 2018 is a peaceful and prosperous one for you. Each year I promise to try and get out and visit more of those that have supported Kepstorn over the past few years and this year is no different - hopefully I will be able to raise my head and spend some time catching up with friends, old and new.

Best wishes for Christmas and for the New Year. I hope that, at the very least, you get what you need and, possibly, a little of what you want (to paraphrase the seemingly immortal Rolling Stones)!


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